Opinia prawna w sprawie funkcjonowania magazynów i centrów dystrybucji

Publikujemy opinię prawną Kancelarii Adwokackiej Daniel Kirchner w sprawie funkcjonowania magazynów i centrów d...


Pismo ECR Polska w sprawie objęcia ustawą o ograniczeniu handlu w niedziele także pracy magazynów

ECR Polska, w imieniu swoich członków, skierowało pismo do Elżbiety Rafalskiej, Minister Rodziny, Pracy i Polit...


RFID w handlu – raport i webinarium

Przedstawiamy raport Measuring the Impact of RFID in Retailing, przygotowany przez ECR Shrink and On Shelf Availabi...


Mówią o nas
  • It is very important, more than ever, that ECR is representative in the whole industry, because we need it, to shape the future!–Jean Charles Bondy, Prezes Zarządu, L’Oreal Polska (2013)

  • It’s really important to participate in the ECR Organisation, because we are building the future together – suppliers and retailers. There is only one way for the future: this is this collaboration and cooperative movement.–Francois Mir, Directeur Supply Chain Organisation et Systemes, Carrefour Polska (2013)

  • It is very important to use the ECR platform as a place of reflection and discussion between trade partners, and when I say partners I mean manufacturers and distributors. –Pierre Detry, Prezes Zarządu, Nestle Polska (2012)

  • ECR organisation is a great platform for networking – it offers Polish retailers and manufacturers the good opportunity to meet together not only once, during the annual conference, but also several times during the year. (…) Within the ECR the specialists are working together on different projects. It’s a great opportunity for both sides – the manufacturers and retailers – to meet in small, very efficient workgroups and work in details on the operational solutions that are adding value to the business.–Rafael Gasset, Prezes Zarządu, real;- (2012)