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In 2014 ECR Poland is organising ECR FORUM FOR COOPERATION for the fourth time. Previous editions of our conference proved, that this event is based on two strong pillars: great programme with speakers and presentations at the highest level, as well as the excellent atmosphere to expand business contacts and relations.

During the ECR Forum, the heads of producers, retailers and distributors of FMCG and DIY market, as well as service providers for these sectors, come together in one place and one time.

It's a real forum for exchange of knowledge, experience, innovation, best practice and inspirations for development.



  • Representation of the whole supply chain - representatives of manufacturers, distributors, retailers and service providers together in one place, discussing about the benefits of good cooperation; 
  • Guaranteed presence of the top management - CEOs, board members, directors and managers share at the Forum their experiences;  
  • Networking - over 200 participants, a large marketplace, long coffee breaks and business mixer to complete the conference; 
  • Excellent program - organizers ensure the highest level of speeches, without "sponsorship", promotional presentations; carefully selected speakers; most actual topics, chosen by the managers of the most important FMCG companies in Poland; 
  • The only interdisciplinary conference in Poland - strategic sessions and parallel thematic sessions guarantee the participation of managers responsible for the management, development, supply chain, marketing and sales. The diversity of issues can broaden horizons, help to find inspiration for the development of the business; 
  • International inspirations – some case studies are derived from the ECR Europe conferences; 
  • Minimum time, maximum benefits – it’s the one-day conference, but very intense, what ensures the efficient use of time.


What do the Leaders say about us?


It’s a great opportunity to bring retailers and FMCG companies and service providers together in one Forum to try to optimize solutions for the consumers. With that spread of people present, even the informal time is very valuable. The number of sessions and the number of the presentations and seminars are gonna really hit the spot!

Chris Hill, European Business Development Director, Sonoco Packaging Services, o Forum 2013


It is for me very a efficient conference, because the presentations are very concrete and operational, answering to my needs. Man can always discover some very interesting projects. In ECR Forum we succeed to meet in the same place suppliers and retailers to discuss the new way of work together. It’s perfect! It’s really important to participate in the ECR Forum, because we are building the future together – suppliers and retailers. There is only one way for the future: this is this collaboration and cooperative movement.

Francois Mir, Directeur Supply Chain Organisation et Systemes, Carrefour Polska, o Forum 2013


For sure we will be a part of it next year and I wish that a lot of companies are going to join us on this journey! It is very important, more than ever, that ECR is representative in the whole industry, because we need it, to shape the future!

Jean Charles Bondy, Prezes Zarządu, L'Oreal Polska, o Forum 2013


ECR organisation is a great platform for networking, offering Polish retailers and manufacturers good opportunity to meet together not only once, during the annual conference but also several times during the year.
Forum for Cooperation is one of the most valuable FMCG top management conferences. It gives the chance to meet all important retailers and manufacturers and discuss about the evolution of the market.
However, within ECR, also the specialists are working together during the year on different projects and their work has been presented during the conference. It’s a great opportunity for both sides – the manufacturers and retailers – to meet in small, very efficient workgroups and work in details on operational solutions that are adding value to the business.

Rafael Gasset, Prezes Zarządu, real,-, o Forum 2012


Forum for Cooperation, organised by ECR Poland, is going to be one of the most interesting and most inspiring conferences for FMCG industry. 

Zofia Kobielska, Fresh & Cool Market, 6/2012


ECR conference is an opportunity for me, as a representative of Nestle, the global manufacturer and distributor, to meet to exchange experience in a positive and constructive attitude. It is very important to use the ECR platform as a place of reflection and discussion between trade partners, and when I say partners I mean manufacturers and distributors. Forum for Cooperation is always a great inspiration to thinking about how to innovate and attract consumers for better consumption.

Pierre Detry, Prezes Zarządu Nestle Polska, o Forum 2012






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