Workshop description

The sustainable business is the business profitable in the long term. The foundation of this approach is a model of closed-loop/circular economy (who would not like to sell the same product to the customer over and over?). To achieve this, it’s essential to eliminate waste and resource extension. Who knows the best how to do it right? The answer is Jonathan T. Scott, who will conduct the workshop!
The participants will gain the knowledge on how to effectively implement this model in the organization and:

  • How to save effectively in supply chain;
  • Create value together with business partners without incurring additional expanses;
  • Optimize inputs and outputs;
  • Develop long-term profitable business.

Long-term benefits of sustainable business are: more effective use of resources, being environment friendly by waste and pollution reduction and also wealth and financial well-being.

The workshop is dedicated to top management, operations, supply chain, marketing managers.


Workshop by Jonathan T. Scott (in English)

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