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Kjell A. Nordström
Ultra Modernity and The Matrix

Like it or not. Freedom rules. We have deregulated life and business life. Every aspect of the human existence is now affected by the new Options created by new knowledge. Welcome to a world ruled by markets and man.

If you had to select one key issue in the world today it must be climate change. Climate is no more no less than average temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius. Hurricanes, polar ice melting and extreme heat are simply the effects of this. No business meeting or seminar can solve climate change., but it can make a difference in shaping leaders and organisations who consider the broader responsibilities. And above all….see the opportunities in this new landscape.
There is something very similar to climate change in our economic and social system. The amount of information we pump out to our fellow human beings and the ever lower cost for any given transaction. Look around…..and then look back! We have indeed changed the climate for our societies beyond comprehension.
And when we change the social and economic climate EVERY human activity is affected in politics, business, spirituality and beyond. This sets the scene for capitalism, entrepreneurs and leaders of today. Against this backdrop four major areas need to be understood and analysed in a new perspective.

Firstly, capitalism is not an ideology. It is better understood as a machinery. A remarkable machine that can only do one and only one thing: sort out the efficient from the inefficient. This machinery exist in the context of time and space. The logic and function of the machine is now altered. Social movements, demographics and lifestyle together with an ever more brutal technological development create a new paradigm for any of us interested in business or societal development.

Second, nation states are under pressure. Cities, mega metropolises and the fastest urbanisation ever documented in human history shape and reshape the business space. Anything from market analysis to innovation has to take in to account that we soon have 80 percent and more of the human population in a limited number of large urban areas.

Third, the ultra modern sociology economic conditions give birth to new industries and change the parameters for old ones. Industries in turn set the scene for single business firms. We move away from geographically structured organisations towards biographical structures. We hire for attitude rather than skills. Trail and error becomes the ultimate name of the strategy game. Fun yes …..frightening yes….alternatives Not really….
Fourth, the art of making money is reshaped. The very principle of how we make money in a capitalist economy is remarkably stable over time. However, the actual application of the principle and on what you apply it change over time. Today you need an insider perspective of the new world to unleash a successful venture.
Welcome to the topsy turvy paradigm of the world where nothing is scarce except attention and the human abilities in general…..


Dr Kjell A Nordström / The Archipelago of Aland in The Baltic Sea July 2018

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